The Big Question

What is the meaning of marine mammal vocalizations?

Do dolphins have “language?” What is the meaning of a humpback’s song? What information does a manatee call convey? Marine mammal acoustic communication is extremely diverse, complex, and many species have neural wiring supporting a potentially sophisticated communication system. Yet in the absence of “Rosetta Stone,” our efforts to decode it have been challenging. 
Our approach to decoding marine mammal communication is to use large datasets, both audio and video, to analyze behaviors and calls produced by marine mammals in search for individual variation, call categories, and sequential information. This data will be eventually used to conduct the playback experiment to establish the potential function or “meaning” of the call.
Understanding form and function of marine mammal communication goes well beyond the quest of whether or not dolphins have “language,” as it has practical conservation benefits: tracking individuals via passive acoustics, warning boaters about the presence of manatees or whales, and using acoustics to evaluate a marine mammal’s health, activities and crucial habitats.


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Deep Learning

Citizen science data analysis helps to train our deep learning models for marine mammals’ acoustic signal identification, classification and finding the potential function.


In order to find the potential function of marine mammal signals. we will be designing and implementing playback experiments.

Our Research

Learn more about our conference presentations and peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Manatee Chat

This project will investigate the form and function of manatee vocalizations, which will allow us to learn more about what signals manatees produce, what potential function they might serve, and what differences individual manatee calls have.

Dolphin Chat- Coming Soon!

This long-term project will investigate a variety of acoustic signals produced by the bottlenose dolphins, both coastal and offshore populations. The sounds we will focus on will include burst pulses, whistles, low-frequency narrowband signals, and others signals.

Whale Chat - Coming Soon!

We will be analyzing the content of humpback song, as well as non-song social vocalizations. We will be searching for semantic information, individual variations, and potential function of humpback whales vocalizations.

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