We want to involve Citizen Scientists in Marine Mammal

Bioacoustics and Behavioral Research.

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Analyze Data

Start analyzing acoustic and behavioral data. Currently, we are analyzing “Manatee Chat” project data, Phase 1: identification of manatee calls and feeding sounds.

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Collect Data

Subscription plan, rent portable underwater recording device to collect acoustic data, training and support included. Monthly and yearly plans.

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Membership plan, learn about marine mammals, access to ALL courses, lessons, quizzes, scores, training, news, and research updates.

Membership Fee

Full Membership

Full membership plan, access to ALL courses, lessons, quizzes, scores, training, news and research updates, rent portable recording device to collect acoustic data.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your plan any time and can upgrade it any time as well. Your monthly plans are billed every month on the same day and your yearly plan is billed once a year.

Is my payment secure?

Yes! We use Woo Commerce and Stripe integration and all payments are processed safely and securely. Our site is encrypted as well.

Is there a free option to try out?

We have designed a free, six lesson email course about citizen science and our specific project (Manatee Chat) on Zooniverse. If you are interested in citizen science and/or marine mammals and want to try out what we have to offer, give it a try! Subscribe HERE!

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